“What can be measured can be improved”

Live Machine Tracking

Creating Efficiency Throughout Your Factory

This is the software that saves you time and money through live machine tracking.

Live Machine Tracking - Reports Dashboard

Shop Floor Tracking Made Easy

Track timesheet events and machine efficiency in real-time throughout the shift allowing you to make decisions based on facts.

CAPTURE is the most important tool you’ll ever need in your factory. Providing you with the data to make continuous improvements throughout your production process.

Managing Your Production Floor Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Drive Efficiency

Simple to understand production data to improve machine efficiency

Improve Performance

With real time information you can improve your customer response times

Real Time Analytics

With on-the-fly analytics and dashboards, act in real time before it’s too late

Monitor OEE

Live Overall Equipment Efficiency statistics displayed as shift is running

Agile & Configurable

Easy to make the platform meet all your shop floor needs

Simple Reporting

Reporting has never been so easy with the simple dashboard view

Downtime Notifications

Instant visibile notifications when a machine is not running

Internal Messaging

Send messages to a machine or an operator at the click of a button

Visibility Is Key

Track, Share & Analyse all in one platform

Allowing real time machine data to be tracked and displayed in various formats can not only inform personnel of live shift performance, it can also help to improve production efficiency by understanding the past and improving the future.


Smart phone view

The app that lets you keep track even when you’re out of the office

Keeping track of your manufacturing machines is sometimes challenging even when you’re in the office, never mind when you’re away from the office.

With our Pulse app, you are now able to monitor machinery from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. View current job information, who is operating the machine, why the machine may not be running and more.

If a machine isn’t running, you’re not making money!

Live Machine Status

Spend your time wisely

  • Identify if a machine is not running at planned run speed
  • View shift events in real time
  • Filter the view by section
Overview screens

The Company Behind The Product

Help Your Business Excel

The Live Machine Tracking software and Pulse app are products designed and developed by OnePoint Systems Ltd. OnePoint Systems Ltd are well recognised ERP software providers, with clients throughout the UK and USA, who have expanded into creating solutions outside of ERP. Established for more than 15 years, our experienced team create software products that make running your business easier and more profitable by designing tools such as live production management modules.


To learn more about OnePoint Systems Ltd, click on the link below to visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn 

Success Stories

The team behind Capture have created a solid relationship with Kenmore over the years. The software itself has streamlined our internal processes for success.
Communication is highly valued at Kenmore, and these guys do not disappoint.
They are responsive, willing to help and empathize with what we are up against to assist in making the system work for our needs. We feel they are always on the cutting edge of technology for our industry. Some recent highlights are: Real time data capture and mobile app.

Scott Evans

Kenmore Envelope

East Coast’s mission is “Customer First”……clearly so is yours as exhibited by your consistent world class service: 24/7 urgent responsiveness to any product offering, program instalment or daily service issues, and all of this done with the highest degrees of commitment and dedication from and throughout your organization. To service our customers the way we need to in today’s industry environment requires more than vendors, such service requires genuine partners, and that is how we are supported by your team, as a genuine partner.
As a result, we cherish the relationship and are immensely thankful to them!

Les Stern

East Coast Graphics

We looked at numerous systems and spent countless hours trying to get them to understand our business. After one conversation with Stephen, he knew everything about us and the problems we face, instantly. It was like hiring our very best employee to create the perfect software for us. We couldn’t be more excited to make the change!

Scott Mitchell


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